Studio View w/ Eagleson

Eagleson is…

How would you describe your live performance?

Daniel: Loud. Visually, couldn’t tell ya, can’t see through my hair.

What was the inspiration behind Blood Diamond?

Alex: Its about obsession, lyrically Blood Diamond was about not being able to cope with someone finding a new love interest. The character in the song has grown completely crazy over the woman and has begun a borderline dangerous obsession.

How have you as a band matured and grown since your last record and was there a specific moment that really impacted your direction for this record?

Daniel: I think we’ve matured as songwriters, and we’re starting to come into our own. With Blood Diamond, it was a very spontaneous thing and happened very quickly, compared to the amount of time we put into our last EP ’Here It Is’. So there wasn’t really an epiphany “moment”, we just had this song and thought “Let’s do this!”.

You guys have played tons of shows all over, with some really big names. Which was your favourite and why?

Ryan: Rival Sons was definitely our biggest honour. But my favourite show to date would have to be opening up for Danko Jones with Say Yes a few weeks ago. Everything is starting to fall into place, be it the line up change or the new songs. We’ve been working our asses off over the winter on new material and coming into our own as a four piece so this last show and everything looking forward is really exciting.

We saw Ryan recently went on quite the adventure, can you tell us a little bit more about your trip? Where did you go and what was your favourite part?

Ryan: My favourite part was getting back home to open up for Danko Jones with Say Yes. Haha no, but honestly it was unreal. Such a great adventure and life experience that will always be with me. We spent most of our time in Vietnam and my two favourite parts were spending days on motorcycles cruising through the mountains, and spending a few days on a boat exploring Halong Bay.

Random Question Time!

You’re just heading home after a show and you’re starving. Where are you going to eat?

Daniel: Usually it’s fast food because that’s all that’s open at that hour. After our last show we ran into Curtis Lazar at the Rideau McDonalds. Being Sens fans, that was pretty cool. He was nice!

Name one crazy piece of technology you think will be around in the year 2050.

Daniel: Hopefully an iPhone with a battery that lasts more than a couple hours.

On a scale of 1 – 10 how much do you hate PK Subban?

Pete: Lets not hate.

What are all your middle names?

Robert, Gordon, David, Tupac. (Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently Pete’s middle name is actually Tupac)

Check out Eagleson’s new single – Blood Diamond: