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[av_toggle title=’Question: How much is it to record?’ tags=”]
There are several factors that influence the price of recording including what you want to accomplish, instrumentation, the song’s complexity, length and more.

We encourage you to contact our Studio Manager, Cory at cory@pebblestudios.com or through our contact page so we can get a better understanding of your project and give you an accurate quote.
[av_toggle title=’Question: When to book? ‘ tags=”]
In order to ensure you receive your desired time slot we recommend you book between 1 and 3 months in advance.
[av_toggle title=’Question: Where is the studio located?’ tags=”]
900 Greenbank Rd., Lower Level,
Nepean, Ontario K2J 1S8

(to the right of the Appletree Clinic)
[av_toggle title=’Question: Where can I park my car / van & trailer?’ tags=”]
There is ample parking for all vehicles in the plaza parking lot.
[av_toggle title=’Question: What are the hours of operation at Pebble Studios?’ tags=”]
Pebble Studios is a fully soundproofed studio that can operate 24 hours a day and our studio manager is a sleepless robot. Please tell us what times work best for your schedule.
[av_toggle title=’Question: Can I bring my own engineer for my sessions? ‘ tags=”]
Yes you can. To ensure they are qualified and comfortable to operate the studio on their own, we charge an additional $34/hr for a minimum one hour training session from our Head Engineer.
[av_toggle title=’Question: What equipment featured on your site is available for use?’ tags=”]
Everything listed on the website is available for use at no additional charge. Please inform us in advance if you plan to use any of the studio’s instruments so we can ensure they are maintained and ready for recording.
[av_toggle title=’Question: Do you do mastering?’ tags=”]
Yes we do.
[av_toggle title=’Question: Do you have beats?’ tags=”]
We have a large selections of drum kits, drum tracks, samples, keyboard, synths, etc., but building up those tracks into beats takes a lot of time and creativity so please plan accordingly.
[av_toggle title=’Question: Can we get a tour of the studio?’ tags=”]
Yes*! Please e-mail cory@pebblestudios.com or call 613.778.8600 and leave a message.
[av_toggle title=’Question: Can we come in early, or the night before to set up?’ tags=”]
No. Sessions begin at the agreed upon time. Much of the engineering work begins during set up, so we charge for this time.
[av_toggle title=’Question: What can we do to prepare for our recording session?’ tags=”]
Studio preparation can vary drastically from project to project. We encourage you to meet with our Head Engineer, Cory Bergeron to discuss what steps you should take before entering the studio.
[av_toggle title=’Question: When / How Do I Pay?’ tags=”]
Payments are due in advance or the day of, we accept cash, credit and debit.