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Studio View w/ Wild Love

Here at Pebble Studios we’ve been lucky enough to have a front row view of the new Wild Love album as it was created and we can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear it. Not only was it an absolute pleasure working with Wild Love but they were also kind enough to sit […]

Studio View w/ Eagleson

Eagleson is… How would you describe your live performance? Daniel: Loud. Visually, couldn’t tell ya, can’t see through my hair. What was the inspiration behind Blood Diamond? Alex: Its about obsession, lyrically Blood Diamond was about not being able to cope with someone finding a new love interest. The character in the song has grown […]

Studio View w/ City Fidelia

   City Fidelia is.. Rapper and leader of the #OldNewFashion Movement, City Fidelia recently released his new album, a Pisces World. With this most recent release City is continuing his climb to the top and is putting his name up there with some of the best rappers coming out of Canada.  City has been in the […]

6 Easy Ways to Take Your Live Show to The Next Level

To this day, one of the most effective ways to build your fan base is through your live performance. Not only is it an opportunity to wow everyone in attendance and turn them into die hard fans but it’s also an opportunity to reach into each individual’s personal network by giving them something to tell […]