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About Pebble Studios

Here at Pebble Studios we specialize in providing superior audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Founded in 2001 we have spent over a decade delivering quality audio recordings that meet every budget.

We’ve got some snazzy stuff



Neumann M149 Tube
Neumann TLM 103 x2
Coles 4038 x2
AKG 480 x2
AKG D112
Audix D6
Sennheiser 421 x4
Shure SM58 x4
Shure SM57 x4
Shure SM7B
Shure Beta 57A
Studio Project C1
Audio-Technica AT4041

Outboard Gear

Neve 5032
Universal Audio 2-610 Tube Pre Amp
Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A
Universal Audio UREI 1176LN
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X x2
Roberts Tube Pre Amp
Avalon 737SP Tube Pre Amp
Lexicon MPX-1
Lexicon MPX-500


3 x RME ADI-8 DS Converters


KRK E8 Studio Monitors w/ S12 sub
Yamaha NS-10
Minimus 7

Console & Software

Solid State Logic AWS900 Classic
Pro Tools 10
Pro Tools 11
Nuendo 5 & 5.5
WaveLab 7
+ an extensive library of Plugins and Effects


Fender Bassman Vintage
Roland Jazz Chorus
Fender Twin 65 Reissue
Fender Deville 4×10
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Special
Gibson Explorer
Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
Gretch 6120
Rickenbacher 12 String
Ampeg Dan Armstrong
Parker Fly Nitefly
Epiphone Annihilator “V”
SONOR 2007 4-Piece Drumkit Pearl Masters Series 4-Piece Drumkit

Studio Specs

Studio Floor: 15’x18′
Control Room: 14’x18′
Pre-Production Rehearsal: 16’x20′
2 Isolation Booths: 6’x8′
Kitchen / Wireless Internet

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While we do believe our site is quite fancy, nothing compares to seeing things live and in the flesh. Contact us below to book a tour and we’ll gladly show you around!